FAD EMEA 2012 Rheinfelden


For the first time since I become a Fedora Ambassador, I participated to the 2012 EMEA FAD, traditionally hosted by Gerold Kassube in Rheinfelden (Germany), in the wonderful Beuggen Castle.

Main body and chapel at the Beuggen Castle

Now, as a mountain lover, I have few expectations from a trip through Switzerland: one is great landscapes, the other is snow. I was not disappointed on both accounts!
In fact, despite the Rheinfelden region is usually not very cold, we were welcome by nice snowfall. Of course that made it harder to reach Rheinfelden (me, Gabriele and Robert shared a car from Milan) but it also meant we woke up on Saturday in this environment:

Almost magical…

If you have not even been in a FAD you may now wonder what it looks like; basically, it is the place where Ambassadors discuss current issues, identify potential improvements and try to come up with a plan to reach goals. In the process, if anything turns out to be broken, we fix it right away.

Christoph made already a nice summary of the main points we touched during the event. In particular, I would like to note we will be trying to expand the range of Fedora branded goods to give away (as swag or otherwise). We also discussed several other items, like the need for more local events, and an expansion of the new Ambassadors mentoring program so new guys will find an easier way into the project. Additionally, we will be run a census among our fellow Ambassadors to understand how they feel about the program, what they are doing and what the project could do to help them more.
Finally, we will encourage all Ambassadors to host an annual get-together type of event in their own country in order to have a tighter local community.

Of course, no FAD is complete with a solid social part. In this case, the real treat was the dinner we consumed on Saturday at the blindekuh (blind cow) restaurant.

The main feature there is a large dining room completely surrounded by thick, black drapes so the room is in absolute darkness. For good measure, you have to leave in storage cabinets at the entrance everything that can emit light.

Luckily enough, reaching your seat and getting your food to the table is not a problem because waiters are blind, but managing to keep calm and consume your dinner is another story! This was a really strong experience and after a while I started to feel a bit weird, something in between drunk and scared. Of course, I was also consuming beer but I m sure the darkness was to blame…

All in all, my first FAD was a great experience and I look forward to next year for another one. I would also like to thank all the FAD participants for a fun and productive week end: in particular Gerold for organizing our stay and for the great dinner at blindekuh, and Gabriele for driving 5 hours straight in the snow with his brand new winter tires.

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LinuxCon 2012 Barcelona Report


I am happy to host the report from the latest Italian Ambassador joining the program, Giuseppe Palestra,  who broke the ice by participating to the LinuxCon 2012 in Barcellona. Well done Giuseppe!

LinuxCon 2012 Barcelona Report

The conference started at 8:00 am with registration of attendees. Me and
the other fedora ambassadors (Alvaro and Ruth) arranged the booth and at
9:00am keynotes started. After the keynotes we waited at the booth for
contacting the conference visitors. After the keynotes I started
presenting myself to other people close to our booth, Red Hat people or
correlated Fedora Project people principally. There were a lot of
interesting talks during this day but I decided to partecipate only to a
little subset; the most interesting for me in LinuxCon was “Virtual
Machine snapshots: Overview and Illustration of Different Types of
Snapshots With libvirt/QEMU”. In this day started also the Embedded
Linux Conference Europe 2012 and for me the most interesting talk was
The PF_ZIO: Using Network Frames to Convey I/O Data and Meta-Data hold
by an italian professor Alessandro Rubini.

A lot of stickers and about 30 DVD (Fedora 17) was distributed in this day.

6th November

The second day starts with keynotes at 9:00 am and at the end me and
other ambassadors were ready to speak with a lot of people at the
booth. People were very interested to our OLPC XO with Fedora, people
tried our operating system and appreciate it. In this day I follow 3
talks and the most interesting i for me were “Introduction to oVirt
Virtualization Management Platform.” In the afternoon I attended the
dinner offered by Intel, at the dinner all attendees got surprised by
the participation of Linus Torvalds. :)

About 30 DVD distributed.

My experience at the booth of Fedora Project has ended, but my
commitment will continue…I knew a lot of enthusiastic fedora people,
especially from Italia, Russia, Finland, USA and with some of these I
entertain relationships about Fedora by email.
I will hope to attend at other conferences to see again the interesting
people I met in Barcelona.
Special thanks to Ruth and Alvaro.


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FAD Milano report


We held the FAD event in Milano last Saturday, where a few Italian Fedora contributors gathered to show interested users and wannabe how to participate to various teams of the Fedora Project.

Robert Mayr, website teeam

In particular, we had Andrea Veri (infrastructure), Robert Mayr (websites), Samuel Iuri (design), Mario Santagiuliana (localization) talking about how their teams work. Moreover, a talk about contributing to the kernel development was held  by Federico Vaga and Massimiliano Bugni shown how to handle Fedora respins both for home and office usage.

About me, I tried to quickly describe the importance of packaging for the whole distribution, then invited interested parties to gather in another room for a practical session. For this, I restructured an older presentation I gave about packaging, adding more workshop type material from both Tom Callaway and Miroslav Suchy. The resulting practical session lasted well beyond the original schedule of one hour, but I think it was well received, and the few but very interested users asked many questions and raised interesting topics for further discussion.


The event run along with the Linux Day, the main FOSS event in Italy held in more than 100 cities. With this arrangement we hoped to gather more participants as a result, but in the end this did not really work as expected. However, I quickly counted about 30 'heads' just before my introduction so in the end I think we see the glass half full and be happy for putting together a great team. I'm sure will be able to do more wonderful events in the future!

My PRO/CON list

PRO: location. Very nice and spacious. I think it was evaluated for the 2011 FUDCon in Milan but for some reason it did not work.
PRO: presenters. I  never saw them in 'action'
PRO: organization. Marina and Gabriele anticipated every possible need, so the sessions run smoothly.

CON: concurrency. We need to try it again on a different date, without competing with other Linux related events in other cities (this surely prevented some contributors from traveling)
CON: the University have a policy of no signs out of bullettin boards . This made directing the people to the event more difficult than it should be. We could buy some outdoor standing Fedora banners, and use them to direct people in cases like this.
CON: tight schedule. Practical sessions lasts longer than regular talks, so we were forced to do it concurrently with other talks. I hope next time we can do a full day event with a single track so people do not need to pick just one (and I will not miss friends talks!)

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Materiale Fedora per Linux Day 2012

Stickers… Stickers everywhere.

Che Linux Day sarebbe senza un po di promozione alla nostra distribuzione preferita?

Quest anno il Linux Day è programmato per il 27 Ottobre, e già sono molti i team registrati sul sito.

Se siete tra gli organizzatori di qualcuno di questi eventi o semplicemente vi piacerebbe promuovere Fedora all evento a cui partecipate (in questo caso, ricordate che siamo sempre in cerca di nuovi Ambassador per il progetto, contattatemi per avere altre informazioni)
vi farà piacere sapere che anche quest anno sto cercando di assemblare un Fedora Kit , contentente materiale marketing (DVD, stickers, etc.) da distribuire ai partecipanti.

Non so ancora esattamente cosa e quanto conterrà ogni kit, ma se siete interessati  per favore riempite questo form di richiesta e sarete ricontattati appena il materiale sarà disponibile.

Le regole sono semplici:

  • le richieste si accettano fino al 5 Ottobre
  • le richieste saranno soddisfatte secondo l ordine di arrivo
  • le richieste da parte di Ambbassador del progetto avranno la priorità
Buon Linux Day a tutti!

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Fedora 15 Release Party: done!


So, we managed to do it!

The Fedora 15 Release party (my first one) was held last Saturday and it was fun indeed. But let s start from the beginning…

Fedora in my area is pretty much undervalued (the local LUG is basically Ubuntu/Debian based and I know very few people using Fedora outside my friends/colleagues circle) so I thought organizing a release party would be a though but exciting challenge.

Marketing the event was done on Facebook, twitter, blog posts, LUG and other relevant mailing lists; we also did direct marketing through a flier we designed and put up on some computer shops and University bulletin boards. Finally, we sent some kind of “press release” to local news websites, and a few picked it up and published the news.

The event was planned at the Evonove Coworking Space, so we had a room with projector,  some space for an install party and another smaller room for food and beverages.

We asked for some media and swag but unfortunately the former is not yet ready and the latter was not available, so we were left with some laptop stickers we previously had; so we decided to stick with burning Live CDs and DVDs as needed and do few “I Love Fedora” t-shirts to use them for a little “contest”: the friends from Red Hat offices in Brno sent me the web application used in their release party (a trivia game about Fedora) and we got it (mostly) translated in Italian so the plan was to give away the t-shirts to the best performers.

The Event

The day of the event we gathered a bit earlier and prepared the location: tables, power cords, signs in and outside, food and beverages, etc. Then waited and just before the planned time for the start we already greeted about 20 people! At the end I think there were between 20 and 30 people in the office so we began with the planned presentations.

Michele Bursi, a friend and nearby Ambassador kicked off his presentation about FOSS and licensing, then I followed up with a talk about the Fedora Project, features in the last release and a quick overview of GNOME 3.

There was quite a bit of curiosity about the Shell and most questions were about it, including the common ones “where is the minimize button?”, “doesn t it look very similar to Unity?” and “what about applets?”

After the talks we encouraged people to try out the Fedora contest and gathered in the install room where we continued the discussion about Fedora. There were a couple of PCs with Fedora 15 pre-installed to try it out, and some wanted to attempt the installation on their PCs with our assistance.

In the meanwhile, we burned and gave away about a dozen Live CDs and DVDs to those willing to install Fedora at home.

Before closing the event, it was time to assign the prizes for the contest: we checked the results and it turned out the questions were really hard, and the winners answered correctly just half of the questions. We also gave a special prize to the farthest participant (he drove 140+ Km to join us to the party!)

A complete photo gallery is available

Lessons learned

  • work for more coverage on news websites
  • measure which marketing channel worked best
  • be sure to have swag and media
  • find help for the install party

I would like to thank all that helped me to make this happen, in particular the ambassador Michele Bursi, Massimiliano Pippi and Alessandro Veracchi of Evonove, Jiri Eischmann and Ivana Varekova from Red Hat

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Fedora 15: il party!


Dopo sei intensi mesi di sviluppo è giunta l'ora di mettere veramente alla prova Fedora 15. Infatti oggi alle 16:00 (anche se alcuni mirror e i torrent sono già attivi mentre scrivo) sarà rilasciata l attesissima ultima versione con il suo carico di novità.

E cosa possiamo fare per celebrare questa pietra miliare se non organizzare un bel party?


Ebbene sì, Sabato 11 Giugno siete tutti inviati al Release Party che si terrà a partire dalle 16.30 a Magione (Perugia) presso la sede di Evonove Coworking Space (che ringrazio fin d ora per la disponibilità) per passare qualche ora in allegria compagnia.
Ricordo che, come sempre negli eventi Fedora, gli utenti e sviluppatori di tutte le distribuzioni sono i benvenuti.


Il programma al momento prevede:

  • introduzione alle feature principali
  • prova su “strada” di Fedora 15
  • assistenza alla installazione e/o configurazione
  • rinfresco! altrimenti che party sarebbe?

Durante la giornata, alcuni Ambassador Fedora saranno disponibili per rispondere a tutte le domande sul progetto

Come contribuire?

E possibile contribuire al successo di questa iniziativa in molti modi:

  1. partecipate. se siete in zona segnatevi la data e venite a trovarci
  2. diffondete la notizia. inoltratela su siti, social network, mailing list e quant'altro
  3. mostrateci Fedora. se avete già Fedora installata, fateci vedere come la usate
  4. fate foto/video dell evento. così potremo mostrare cosa si son persi quelli rimasti a casa!

Per qualunque domanda o suggerimento, contattatemi!

UPDATE: se pensate di partecipare e/o volete ricevere altri dettagli sull evento man mano che saranno disponibili, lasciate il vostro nome ed email in questo modulo.

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Pacchi e pacchetti: il video


Finalmente il video del talk sul packaging RPM che ho fatto al Codemotion di Roma è online, lo riporto anche qua per comodità.

e le relative slides:

Se vi interessa seguire anche qualcuno degli altri li trovate sul canale Codemotion di blip.tv.

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#codemotion debriefing


After four editions, this year the Javaday event changed and become Codemotion, opening to all languages and technologies.

I trusted the advice of my newest colleague (thanks Luca!) and decided to participate. Additionally, I took the chance to propose a talk about RPM packaging and spread some Fedora love there. To be honest, I did not expect them to pick my proposal but then the email come and I was very excited by the prospect of talking in such a big event (some 2000+ people were expected).

The event was really successful, a lot of people showed up (of course that was somewhat an easy call since it was completely free-as-in-beer) and the organizers did a great job at handling the crowd; queues were very quick (except the one for the coffee, I did not manage to get any) and everything looked very professional and carefully planned.

I talked in the "OS & Hacking" track and was very happy to see about fifty people in the audience. The slides went on smoothly and I got some interesting questions, also after the talk, including the customary "is there any PPA like system in Fedora?"…

Later on, I found a Fedora and planet CCRMA avid user that was really surprised to hear I was doing that as a volunteer; I gave him my Fedora branded business card in case he wanted to start contributing in some way.

All in all, it was a great experience and I look forward to bringing even more Fedora (pun intended…) to this event next year.

Finally, I really need to thank Tom spot Callaway for making some great starting material and to the Fedora Design team for a beautiful presentation template.

The slides (in Italian) are available in my fedorapeople space

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Anche Fedora partecipa al Codemotion


Da questa edizione il Java Day Roma cambia e diventa Codemotion, aprendosi a tutti i linguaggi e tecnologie.

Sono tanti i temi caldi affrontanti: Html5, Twitter, Database No-Sql, sviluppo di videogiochi, creazione di applicazioni mobile, comparazione e nuovi linguaggi. Si parlerà anche di Android, Sistemi Operativi, architetture… lo scopo del Codemotion è quello di stimolare la comunità a creare software migliori che possano reggere meglio l inevitabile impatto del tempo.

Ogni intervento del Codemotion vuole emozionare i partecipanti. Suscitare l interesse del pubblico e alimentarne la passione sono gli obiettivi che contraddistinguono l’evento. I talk non pretendono di insegnare, ma di rendere più facile il successivo processo di imparare.

Durante il Codemotion i partecipanti potranno consegnare alle aziende Sponsor il curriculum vitae per avere nuove opportunità professionali.

Alcuni Ambassador del progetto Fedora (a partire dal sottoscritto) saranno sicuramente presenti alla manifestazione, per cui se siete utenti Fedora o semplicemente curiosi di sapere chi siamo e cosa facciamo, guardatevi intorno, cercate le magliette blu che ci contraddistinguono e fermatevi a fare due chiacchiere con noi!

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Linux Day Arezzo


Domani, Sabato 23 Ottobre, si svolgerà in più di 100 città in Italia il Linux Day, annuale appuntamento di promozione del software libero nato da una iniziativa della Italian Linux society.

Per tale occasione, ho avuto il piacere di essere invitato ad Arezzo per  rappresentare il Progetto Fedora con un talk.

Il titolo scelto è “La comunità Fedora: come e perchè funziona” e descriverà in breve i principi base del progetto e le metodologie usate per stimolare e coordinare i contributi della comunità.

Ringrazio fin d ora Tom spot Callaway per aver pubblicato le ottime slide su cui mi sono basato, il design team di Fedora per il nuovo template, e sopratutto Michele Bursi per non essersi risparmiato organizzando a tempo di record il Linux Day di Arezzo!

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Linux Day: Fedora 13 Media shipped


I had the chance to handle the requests for Fedora Media from LUGs and other organizing committees for the upcoming Linux Day, which is an important event in Italy scattered in more than 100 cities.

The Italian ambassadors team received a dozen direct requests for support with marketing material, which is nice given (as far as I know) we did absolutely nothing to promote the availability of such material.

Even if we favoured the events where Ambassadors are going to be present, we were able to send a small sample of what we had available (32 bit KDE Live CDs, 32 and 64bit DVDs) to all the requesters. 

Next year I definitely hope to improve by covering more events with our own ambassadors and by making sure we have a solid event kit in their hands!

Lesson learned:

  • We need to allocate Media and other material earlier
  • We need to understand how to request and use budget locally
  • We need ambassadors from souther regions (two candidates identified already!)

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Linux Tag {3/4}


FUDCon, FUDCon, FUDCon…yep, Fedora Users and Developers Conference ;-) For us was the most important day within Linux Tag.

Max Spevak opened the FUDCon with a short introduction, after Tribalth North spoke about Fedora Electronic Lab project which aim to packages and provide some electronic application into fedora distribution. This project is interesting especially for schools and universities.

After him, the speech about FreeIPA was unfortunately suspended, so, to cover the hole in the FUDCon program Yakoov Nemroy did a short talk about Smolt.

You can read to the background of this phtos…what Smolt is ;-)

Smolt is a software which permit to users to send to central server configuration details about your computer, this software allow to understand and simplify information about linux compatiliblity.

Max Spevak spoke about fedora community and some interesting point of view about this project.
This is the best photo i never take in Linux Tag, is focused, impressive and expressive :)

Afternoon started at 15:00 with Paul Frields about “Fedora state of union”, continued with Francesco Crippa speech about Func, cobbler and puppet as huge network management solutions and ended with Jeroen van Meeuwen with a talk about revisor, a fedora tool used to make spins and custom fedora distributions.

In the evening we went to an Argentinian restaurant near hotel; we had three new people with us: Dag Wieers and Tim Verhoeven from CentOS, Lennart Poettering and another guy (my memory is a “groviera”, I don’t remember his name) from RH.

After dinner, we went to drink and had a lot of fun.

Paul tried Berlininen Waiss in both available colors: red and green (the red is the empty glass ;-) ).

Paul Frields

Me with Dag and Tim

and in the end of the night we make somestrange pictures :)

I don’t know what we are doing :P

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Linux Tag {4/4}


My last day, my plane hour was scheduled to 12:15am, I leave the fedora ambassadors group around 8:00am and I take two hours to have a short trip in the city.

I went with underground to Postdamme Platz, then I went by walking in the city towards Alexander Platz.

I saw the Brandenburg door, the parliament and some other nice and famous buildings.

When I reached Alexander platx, I caught train to go to airport :)

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Linux TAG 2008 {1/4}


Linux Tag is the most important Linux event in Europe and is organized and played in Berlin. Linux Tag is characterized by an huge participations of people (expected ~10000), associations (Fedoraproject, Debian, Gentoo, GNOME, KDE, linux-gamers) and companies (IBM, Sun, Oracle…); in fact Linux Tag slogan is “when .org meet .com”.

My Fedora Ambassador participation was the first outside Italy; when I caught aeroplane I was a little bit scared because I didn’t travel outside Italy since exactly one year. I found a good environment made by nice people: great enthusiasm, great collaboration, great fun…

Wednesday 28/05

I arrived in Berlin at ~10:30 am, and I leave my luggage in my room (we lived in Film Hotel, with every room dedicated to an actor. My room was dedicated to David Niven, I don’t know who is, but Francesco was more lucky with Audrey Hepburn).
After arriving to Linux Tag in Messe Am, I met some fedora ambassadors and I took a look about stands of other associations/companies.

Fedora booth was wonderful: all people swear the official ambassador polo (my polo was a gift from Max, thanks again), two OLPC, one Asus eeePc, stickers, t-shirts and our powerful innovation USB stick creation station.

Fedoraproject stand

Our powerful USB stick creation station (thanks to Matteo Castellini for kobold).

Francesco e Matthieu while checking USB station

In the afternoon, after I attended the Aaron Seeigo’s talk about KDE 4 I stayed for about an hour near our booth to check USB station and OLPCs; I took a bit of my time to went to the stand in front of our: linux-gamers.

I loved that stand, there was two FlightGear’s stations with 3 monitors, cloches and pedals each one, connected by network as multi player game, in addition, the server was able to draw aeroplanes on the real world, using a google maps based application.



Freets on Fire with Guitar

At 16:00 I attended a talk on LVM. It was strange to see a speaker from Red Hat using an Apple computer (with Fedora 8 virtualized with VMWare), by the way this talk was interesting and showed a lot of stuff I didn’t know about LVM.

LVM Talk

After half of afternoon, my email addiction took over me and I needed to connect so I came on Development room (a room with tables and wired/wireless networking) with Francesco. In that room I found and meet other fedora ambassadors.

Francesco, Yakoov, Stefan, Andreas, Jeroen and Fabian

Gerold, Max, Paul, Yakoov and Sandro

We leave Linux Tag building at 19 and, after a pause in hotel, we went to an Italian restaurant and we ate pizza. I ever been thought Italian food is not so good outside Italy, I ate pizza without salt, I saw people mix pasta and ketchup (OMG!!!), however in that restaurant I ate good pizza so I decided to review my policy.

Fedora ambassadors after a tire day are coming to eat
(sorry but I forgot to change ISO, so I take it using ISO 800)

Thibault and Pavel (my room-mate)

Matthieu and Stefan

After dinner, we stayed in that restaurant to spoke and drunk beer, I saw for the first time “Berliner Weiss”, a special drink from Berlin ().

About near 12am, me and Francesco returned in hotel but while we was on street, we decided to made a short trip in the quarter close to us; we travelled for about 15/20 minutes until we reached the old church devastate by second world war bombing and kept original as after war.

I took a lot of photos in this day but criteria like Ubuntu’s policy…high quantity, low quality ;-) so more than 70% was deleted :(

During those days I understood the level of my english, so I decided study it to arrive to FUDCon and other events a bit more skilled ;-)

[to be continue...]

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Fedora 9 Release Party Report


Probably you have already read the great Francesco Crippa report’s. I want to try to write my report in a different mode, to give you another vision about yesterday day.

As Francesco said: it was great! I completely agree with him, it was a great party, with more people than other events we organized time ago. About 40 people, in our city 40 people to a Linux event are a lot.


My morning start with some tests on kobold for usb live creation station…

… and preparing GNOME foots to use it as track for people who come to event because the location was a bit hidden from the street…

After that, me and Lucia went to supermarket and bought some snacks and drinks (especially beer, of course ;-) ) and we stored it in a secure place:

This good snack is cooked by Lucia, who, with other people, bring something homemade, to party (cakes in particulars, but also short snacks):

12 hour after, we prepare ourself to come to Lodi: here you can see Daniele and Gianluca in the elevator during transport to event location:

yum install fedora9releaseparty.noarch

It’s time to prepare event. All things (bottles, dishes, food, cakes) need to be placed. Room need to be fedorize with posters.

service fedora9releasepartyd start

Me, Francesco e Gianluca start event with a talk about Fedora 9 releases notes and fedora SIG. My photos from here are not so good, so I steal a couple of Francesco’s one ;-)

After talk, I take place on Fedora 9 usb creation station:

I love beer…

service fedora9releasepartyd stop

Now it’s time to start to clean the place…This is Stefano…our frend, fedora user from 2 week and LOLUG active member ;-)

2:05 AM …


It’s time time to return home, after cleaning location event and terminate event day shutdown ;-)

I’m satisfied of this event. A special thanks to Lucia, Francesco, Gianluca, Daniele, and other LOLUG people who help me in event organization. I reach home at 3:10 AM and today at 8 AM I was ready to go to work. :)

Now I want to sleep :P

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